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Updates and Revisions

Latest updates -

  • Early Feb. 2015 - Hustler mobile antenna with groundplane wires rigged on side of shed for 10 Metre operation


  • Early Jan 2015 - Webcam link reinstated on home page


  • Mid December 2014 - Webcam reintroduced with access limited


  • Early December 2014 - My anti virus software warns about a file called ipredirect.exe. Any executable file or program that is attempting to redirect my IP address seems a bit suspicious to me, I may be wrong, but..............!

As a precaution WebcamXP and Flag counter have both been removed, they may be reintroduced in the future when this threat has been fully investigated.


  • Late November 2014 - Securtiy issues detected WebcamXP webcam viewer link and Flag Counter removed due to potential hacking threats (being investigated)


  • November 2014 - All radio equipment now moved to indoor Shack. Alinco DR-135UK acquired and set on 10 Metres with inverted Vee antenna. Some TVI experienced, antenna to be resited.


  • October 2014 - Computer software upgrade, now running Windows 7 Home premium


  • September 2014 - Website design change


  • Summer 2014 - Not much radio operation, too busy on the allotment.


  • June 2014 - Webcam setup changed, Extra cameras added and Video multiplexer in circuit with 4 Channel DVR allowing any of the cameras to be streamed


  • May 2014 - FT7900 acquired and set up monitoring 2 and 70 and local repeaters


  • Mid March 2014 - WebcamXP streaming G8FYH webcam


  • Early March 2014 - Been battling with BT over "Superfast Broadband". Now, after many phone calls and cancelled appointments BT Infinity has been installed and is finally working


  • Feb 2014 - Currently working on getting the "Shack-cam" operational. Some broadband difficulties to overcome still.


  • Mid January 2014 - Shed kitted out with power and heating. A 10 Foot aluminium pole bolted to the side of the shed with a 2 - 70 Colinear atop was used as the near end support for a long wire for HF. The far end is supported by a convenient conifer. The end of the aerial is tied off with bunjee and paracord to absorb movement of the tree.


  • Early December 2013 - Move complete, new shed acquired for shack now fitting it out. hopefully will be back on the air soon after Christmas (weather permitting)


  • Late October 2013 - Negotiations on new QTH in progress


  • Early September 2013 - House hunting again


  • August 2013 - Radio operation currently suspended due to neighbour's tree surgery pulling down my antenna


  • June/July 2013 - Not much radio operation as I've recently taken on an abandoned allotment


  • May 2013 - Computer motherboard upgraded, Webcam now working, (not online full time)


  • Late April 2013 - No luck with speed upgrade from BT now using a 'Three' Dongle, much faster


  • April 2013 - Aerial and Counterpoise tried out, seems to work OK.


  • November 2012 - Rethink on antenna strategy, long wire maybe. Test to be carried out


  • Mid October 2012 - Broadband connection is so slow, unable to stream webcam. Negotiating with BT


  • End September 2012 - Move completed but no antennas erected yet


  • End July 2012 - Station dismantled due to impending move


  • June 2012 - Change of Computer, given up on Webcam for time being


  • May 2012 - Webcam XP viewer instead of BATC viewer "view from window"


  • May 2012 - Webcam XP not showing "View from window", port forwarding problems.


  • April 2012 - BATC.TV Live Stream "view from window"